What do you look for in a dog walking service? Trust? Experience? Reliability? Cost? If you’re like me, you not only look for all of those things but you come to expect them when paying for any service let alone one that involves your furbaby! That is why I started Homedog. I not only know how important it is to find trustworthy, reliable, knowledgable and affordable dog care but also how difficult.  I know the importance of taking water on dog walks or a first aid kit in the event of a torn or broken nail. I know to always maintain a good grip on the leash and to avoid off-leash dogs. I know when a dog needs to pick up the pace to wear away energy or when they want to go for a leisurely stroll and smell everything to stimulate their senses. Dog walking is so very important to your dog’s mental and physical health but one thing that is also important is finding the right dog walker. I can guarantee you that with Homedog you’ve found the right dog walker. You will always get a trustworthy, reliable and experienced dog walker at an affordable rate, if not the most affordable rate in Columbus. I look forward to meeting you and your dog(s)!

Homedog owner, Greg, on a walk with one of his clients
Homedog owner, Greg, on a walk with one of his clients


*Pricing is based on location and represents the cost for services for requests within the 43215 zip code.

Most Popular Service
30 Min
2nd Dog
Walk Packages
Save 10%
5 - 30min
2nd Dog
Weekday Package
Save 15%
M-F between 9-5 auto pay req
2nd Dog


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This package is perfect for a home that has a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 schedule. We will be sure your dog gets a 30 minute walk each day! This will give you the piece of mind that while you’re at work your dog is taken care of and still getting their 30 minutes of daily exercise.

Weekends and Holidays Not Included – Reoccurring Service & Payment Required – Cancellations Must be Made 24 Hours in Advance

Dog Waiting for a Dog Walk


We don’t need to tell you – exercise is healthy so the same thing holds true for your dog(s). That is why it is important to get your dog a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise daily. A daily dog walk doesn’t only promote general health benefits for your dog but also helps with weight management, digestive issues, behavioral issues, socialization and confidence, reduces boredom and provides training moments as well as a chance to reinforce positive behavior. Daily dog walks are a very important part of your dog’s health and can help to increase your dog’s life expectancy. For more information check out this WebMD article.

  • Helps Keep Your Dog Healthy
  • Ideal for Long Work Days
  • Great for Puppies
  • Helps Weight Management
  • Reduces Attention Seeking Behaviors
  • Minimize Destructive Tendencies due to Boredom
  • Reduces Potty Accidents in the House